09th September 2023

Guest Blog: Susan Kaye

Sparky suffered with a bad tummy for the first year of her life. After being prescribed various different kibbles by the Vet, there was no improvement. After some extensive research we came across a raw food diet.

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02nd September 2023

Herbie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in 2008. We were advised to PTS or amputate his leg. The amputation is carried out to relieve his pain, but the prognosis is grim. Read on to find out how Herbie became the inspiration of Paleo Ridge.

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16th August 2023

Guest Blog: Anna Webb

There are many toxins in our surroundings which can negatively impact your dogs health and mental wellbeing. Anna explains what these are and 5 top tips on how to create a safe environment for your furry best friend.

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