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27th September 2021

Guest Blog: Robert Thomas

Many pet owners love raw diets and their benefits, including shiner coats, reduced dental plaque, higher energy levels, and healthier skin. Through raw feeding, your dog’s diet can be personalized to their breed, age, and size. This can be particularly useful if your dog is a breed prone to various genetic illnesses.

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15th September 2021

Guest Blog: Smart Bark

There are two kinds of dogs. The first kind lives to eat, you know the type, they devour anything you put in front of them and quite a few things which you don’t. The second kind of dog eats to live. These dogs are the fussy eaters, they pick and choose what they eat, take forever to finish meals, and sometimes don’t finish them at all.

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08th September 2021

Guest Blog: Dr. Conor Brady

Many raw feeders are borderline obsessed with their dogs' stool and for good reason. You're most likely to come to fresh feeding for one of two reasons – either someone you know and trust recommended you look into it, or you have a dog with a recurring skin or gut condition. If you're in the gut-sick group a solid stool can bring a tear of joy to the hardiest of folk. These people have been through it.

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19th August 2021

We often get asked many questions about tripe (mostly due to the look and smell), especially those who are new to feeding raw. This article will provide all the information you need about this nutritious superfood.

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17th August 2021

Guest Blog: Jo Good

Jo Good talks about her experience of feeding her 13 year old Bulldog Matilda a raw diet, talking dogs with Robbie Williams and her hugely successful BBC Radio series "Bark at the Moon" and becoming a Paleo Ridge ambassador.

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09th August 2021

Guest Blog: Dr Conor Brady

Your pet needs a great variety of nutrients on a daily basis. The problem is, we're not quite sure exactly what and when. Many things affect that need – quality of food items used, exercise levels, stress, disease and various environmental factors.

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02nd August 2021

In an industry first, Paleo Ridge, the UK’s leading and most accredited producer of high-quality raw dog food, is celebrating an environmental benchmark of 98% of the company’s packaging now recyclable or compostable.

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14th July 2021

The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society Ltd (RFVS) would like to reassure its members and followers and, in particular, its colleagues in first opinion veterinary practices, that the article published in the media on Saturday 10th July should not give undue cause for alarm.

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13th July 2021

PFMA is aware of research from a team at the University of Porto and Lisbon focusing on a potential link with raw meat diets for dogs and drug resistant bacteria in dogs.

Whilst the dog food products tested were selected from the Portuguese market, as this was covered in the UK press, PFMA would like to provide reassurance and guidance to UK pet owners.

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