Affiliate Club

Become a Paleo Ridge Affiliate and earn either loyalty points to spend on raw dog food or setup a paid partnership to receive money for traffic sent to our website.

Who Can Apply To Become An Affiliate?

Anyone that has developed a website, blog, social channel, or other media platform can become a Paleo Ridge affiliate. We require that you can tick a few boxes before applying:

  • Your company or association is reputable and will not harm the reputation of Paleo Ridge and/or Raw Dog Food in general
  • You have an established audience and are adhering to GDPR regulations
  • You are willing to publish content (text, images, and video) and/or adverts promoting Paleo Ridge with links from your platform to ours

Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate?

In return, we offer rewards in the form of:

  • Reward points - These will be applied to your account at the end of each month to provide you with free raw dog food
  • Discounts - You will receive flat discounts across our entire range
  • Paid partnerships - We offer various partnership options which can be explored depending on reach, engagements, and interactions

How To Get Set Up

If you are interested in applying to become an affiliate, please message us with the following information:

  • Platform Name (e.g. Website or Blog name)
  • Platform Address (website URL or social media platform)
  • Average monthly users (Reach)
  • Rewards preference (reward points/discounts/paid partnership)
  • Any further information about your site

Speak To The Team

Speak to our Digital Marketing team about getting setup and next steps

Drop us a note