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04th September 2019

Herbie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in 2008. We were advised to PTS or amputate his leg. The amputation is carried out to relieve his pain, but the prognosis is grim.

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01st May 2019

Raw pet food manufacturer Paleo Ridge was set up about five years ago. Sandra Pearce chats to MD Tyler Daly to learn more about the family business and how it’s experiencing such rapid growth

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04th March 2019

Introducing Ready Raw. This range is an excellent addition to the Paleo Ridge business, now servicing a whole portion of the market previously unattainable or recognised.

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04th January 2019

Our Classic Range 80:10:10 complete formula follows they 'prey model' of raw feeding with each meal containing 80% Human grade, outdoor reared meat, 10% bone, 10% bone, offering optimum canine nutrition to keep your dogs performing at their best.

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