The Benefits of Single Protein Meals

18th April 2024 10min read

Single protein meals, what are they and what are their benefits?

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What is a Single Protein Meal?

Simply put, a single protein meal consists of a raw meal that contains only one source of animal protein. This could be chicken, lamb, turkey, duck, fish, or any other type of protein consumed by our canine friends. The meal may also include some vegetables, fruits, and supplements, but the primary focus is on the single protein source.

Below is a list of the single protein complete meals we have here at Paleo Ridge:

What are the Benefits of Single Protein Meals?

For dogs with suspected food allergies or intolerances, single protein meals offer a valuable solution. By eliminating certain meats, pet owners can pinpoint the specific protein source that may be causing issues. This process of elimination can help identify and manage food sensitivities, leading to improved overall health and well-being for the dog.

If you suspect your dog has an intolerance or a sensitivity towards food and you are not sure what it is, the best way to investigate is through a process of elimination. To do this, we recommend keeping a food diary where you can record your dogs symptoms and bowel movements. Keep your dog on one type of protein, for instance turkey, for 4-6 weeks. If your dog shows no signs of intolerance or sensitivity, you can note that turkey is suitable and move onto the next protein.

Single protein meals work brilliantly for dogs who are fussy too. As you know some dogs will eat anything in their path (including non edible items!) and other dogs will be very picky about what you put in front of them. Single protein meals can entice a fussy dog as there are minimal ingredients and less variety of smells. Bringing their meals back to basics with one type of ingredient can help, and keeping a food diary, can help you recognise what your dog does and doesn't like.

Single protein meals are also great for dogs who do not have intolerances. We recommend to feed a variety of different meats to reach optimum nutrition.

How Do I Know a Product is a Single Protein Meal?

This should be made very clear on the packaging and the website of the product. Always check the ingredients to make sure there are no additional proteins on the list. Some products may include offal from a different animal, so if you are doing an exclusion diet, or you know your dog has an intolerance to a particular protein, always check the label.

Are Single Protein Meals Enough for My Dog?

Single protein meals are very suitable for your dog, just ensure you purchase these from a reputable company and the meals are complete (including meat, bone and offal).

We do recommend to feed a variety of different meats when feeding raw as the wider the variety, the wider the range of nutrients. However, some dogs have intolerances which restricts them from eating a wide variety. In these instances there are other options to include more nutrients such as fruit, vegetables and supplements.

For dogs who have little to no intolerances, single proteins are certainly enough and are great to use in rotation, for example, feed chicken for a couple of days and then switch to lamb for a couple of days etc.

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