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25th October 2021

Guest Blog: Dr. Conor Brady

We are very protective over the young ones, aren't we? So cute, so fragile. We want them to have the best start in life. We want to protect them from all harm, be it physical in terms of a some trauma or mental in terms of a fright. The reason being the repercussions of such happenings - an injured leg, the accidental ingestion of some poison, a dog left constantly frightened by large dogs - can be long lasting and often life debilitating.

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18th October 2021

Paleo Ridge would like to provide an update to all customers on changes to our product prices that will be coming into effect on 8th November 2021.

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11th October 2021

Paleo Ridge, the UK’s leading and most accredited producer of high-quality raw dog food, is celebrating its four millionth meal milestone by offering new customers a 30% discount, available until 31st October 2021. With free shipping also on offer, new customers are in the perfect position to see for themselves just why dog owners are joining the raw revolution with Paleo Ridge.

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01st October 2021

At Paleo Ridge, we care about the safety and health of our customers, from humans to dogs, we do everything we can to ensure the safe feeding of raw food.

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