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21st June 2022

Guest Blog: Kat Farrants

A very interesting article from Kat, a lifelong yoga practitioner and breeder of Australian Shepherds, talks about the joy both yoga and dogs bring to our lives. Read on to learn more.

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26th May 2022

Paleo Ridge launch their very first Golden Ticket Event generating over £7,000 worth of prizes. Read on to find out how you could win a Golden Ticket over the next 5 weeks.

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16th May 2022

How nutritious is raw beef really? In this article we advise of all the nutrients raw beef contains, and why you should feed it to your dog, if you can. Read on to learn more!

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14th April 2022

Duck is a fantastic addition to your dog’s diet. This nutritionally dense meat packs a powerful immune boosting punch, whilst being incredibly delicious (so my dog tells me!).

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08th April 2022

Guest Blog: Kat Farrants - Solarwind Aussies

Kat Farrants, Australian Shepherd Breeder and founder of Movement For Modern Life, has fed raw over 3 generations of dogs over the last 12 years. Here she discusses how she weans her litters onto raw food.

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