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Join the raw revolution and make sure puppies get the best possible start by feeding the best possible foods at key life stages.

The Breeders Raw Dog Food Club

We understand how important it is not for only puppies to have the best possible start to life but to ensure mum is getting all the nutrients she needs from the highest quality food throughout her pregnancy.....Our breeders club is here to provide both you and the new puppy parents with exclusive discount, support and puppy packs

What We Give You As The Breeder

20% Off Your Orders
To help keep your dogs well fed.
Support and Advice
From our award winning team
£15 in Loyalty Points

For every new puppy owner that uses your bespoke discount code

What We Give New Puppy Parents

Support and Advice
From our award winning team
Free Puppy Pack


Discounts on First Orders up to £100

Up to 50% off the first three orders

How to Join the Breeders Club

  • Feed Paleo Ridge & encourage the new puppy owners to feed PR
  • Provide proof of up to date health tests as per Kennel Club (or equivalent) breed guidelines
  • Wean your new puppies onto raw

Correct puppy nutrition begins when they are developing in the womb. Mum has never needed fresh building blocks in their purest form more. But once born and moving off the teat, for the transition, it’s thought the best meats to start with are plain, raw, boneless, white minces such as chicken, fish or turkey. Feel free to leave out a large meaty beef bone for them to gnaw on but make sure it is not small enough to swallow. This is particularly important as they develop those jagged little puppy teeth. They really hurt their jaw and this leads them to chew to relieve the pain, ultimately destroying your furniture in the process.

Dr. Conor Brady

Renowned Dog Nutrition Specialist

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