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13th April 2021

One of the questions I frequently get asked by people with small dogs is "how do I cope with raw meat when only feeding a small portion?" Many people are concerned about leaving defrosted meat in the fridge for too long. I've successfully helped many owners by providing a variety of methods that mitigate this issue.

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07th April 2021

Paleo Ridge is the UK’s leading and most accredited producer of high-quality raw dog food. Our vision is to be the UK’s most trusted brand for premium, high-quality and high welfare, species appropriate pet food, as such we are constantly striving to improve, raising the bar for industry standards.

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22nd March 2021

A lot of those who are interested in raw feeding aren’t sure whether the diet is suitable for their small dog. People are often shocked to find out that Archie - being a Shih Tzu mix - is raw fed! The truth is a raw diet is beneficial for all dogs, not just big ones! They all have the same needs.

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