Autumn Series: Wild Mushrooms

11th October 2023 5 min read

Adding to the scenic autumnal walks are colourful and vibrant mushrooms. Despite their beautiful appearance, they can be dangerous to dogs. Read on to find out more.

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Wild Mushrooms

There is an abundance of different mushrooms popping up during the Autumn months. They certainly look picturesque amongst the brown and red leaves however, there are many which are considered poisonous and therefore harmful to your dog.

Damp woodlands and fields are prime spots for mushrooms to flourish so do keep your eye out next time you are out for walkies.

What to Do If Your Dog Eats a Mushroom?

Mushrooms vary in severity, some will cause a mild stomach upset whereas others can be deadly. If you see your dog eat a mushroom, have a look to see if there are more in the surrounding area and take a photo of them or even better, pop one in a paper bag (if possible!) to help the vet identify this.

You can see our list of poisonous mushrooms below to help you be aware when out for a walk during the autumn months.

Do contact your vet and give as much information as possible about the location and type of mushroom consumed.

Which Mushrooms are Poisonous?

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