New to Paleo Ridge? A Guide on What to Choose For Your Dog

27th October 2023 10 min read

Switching your dog's food can be overwhelming but have no fear, here is a short guide to help you choose the perfect meals for your pooch.

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Which Raw Dog Food Meals Should I Buy For My Dog?

Switching your dog to a raw diet or even to a different brand can be overwhelming, sometimes all you need is a guide to help. At Paleo Ridge, we have a wide variety of raw dog food products to suit different needs, whether this be for dogs who need to lose weight or those who tend to have a fussy nature, we have you covered.

Please note, this is just a guide and we cannot guarantee every dog will like the meals we suggest. As with us humans, dogs have different preferences in what they like. Trying new foods will always be trial and error but this guide will point you in the right direction if you are not sure what to feed.

The most important part of feeding a raw diet is to ensure you feed a variety of different proteins. This is because different animals contain different levels of nutrients, so the wider the variety the more nutritious the diet.

Great for Sensitive Tums

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, we recommend feeding proteins that are easy to digest and contain ingredients that are supportive of the gut. The meals we recommend are:

Turkey is a very plain (but delicious!) protein that is very easy to digest.

Lamb tripe is excellent for sensitive tums as it is packed with digestive enzymes that help support gut functions. Tripe works in a similar way to probiotics, by adding beneficial bacteria to the gastrointestinal tract.

Great for Fussy Dogs

We completely understand how difficult it can be to share your home with a fussy eater! Trying brand after brand, meal after meal with very little to no interest is frustrating but most importantly, we as pet parents get great joy from seeing our dogs enjoy their food.

Whilst we cannot guarantee these recommendations will work for your fussy dog, these are the meals we have had the greatest success with enticing even the fussiest of eaters:

We have included most of our tripe-based products, this is because tripe tends to have a pungent smell to it. Usually, the smellier the food, the more enticing it is.

Included in the list are two of our Classic single protein meals. Classic Turkey and Classic Lamb Breast and Heart are both 80:10:10 meals, with no vegetables, fruit, or other additions at all. Sometimes fussy dogs like their food simple with no fancy bits.

If your dog is fussy but enjoys fruit and vegetables, you can try the following:

If you have bought food already and your dog is not taking an interest, a good tip to enticing them is gently warming some bone broth and pouring it over the meal. Classic Bone Broth is incredibly nutritious and can be irresistible!

Great for Puppies

Puppies need to have a wholesome, nutrient-rich, varied diet as growth and development are vital at this life stage. Some puppies can have sensitive stomachs at a young age so it's best to introduce new meals slowly.

For instance, when introducing a new flavour, keep your pup on this flavour for a few days so they can get used to that meal and then switch to another and do the same.

If your dog has recently had a litter of puppies and you want to wean them onto raw food, between 3-7 weeks, we recommend our Classic Puppy Weaning Paste.

For puppies 8 weeks and older we recommend starting on:

The above meals are a great starting point, once your pup has settled on the food, you can introduce more flavours from the Essentials, Classic and Paleo Plus ranges.

Great for New Mums

It's important for any new Mum to have a highly nutritious diet as she will need strong milk to pass on to her pups. At this point of her journey, she can become fussy and also can eat up to 3 times as much as normal so it's important to keep well stocked with lots of variety.

We would recommend to feed a good variety of both:

The Classic range contains a great variety of tripe products, tripe is an excellent source of nutrients and is highly recommended to feed.

The Paleo Plus range includes antioxidant superfoods which are an excellent addition for the immune system.

Great for Senior Dogs

Senior dogs will benefit from a natural, highly nutritious diet for immune support. As we know, as our dogs age their immune systems can become weaker so it's important to include a variety of different meats and include some antioxidants too.

Some dogs as they age may develop sensitive digestion, if this is the case for your pooch we recommend feeding meals with tripe and meals with turkey included. This is because both of these are very easy to digest and are gentle on sensitive tums.

Your senior dog can try any of our ranges, the above is just a starting guide. To give your dog an extra immune boost when feeding the Classic range, you can purchase our Berry Good supplement, which can be added to meals.

You do not need to add Berry Good to Paleo Plus as it is already included in this range.

Great for Weight Gain

For those who are looking to put on a bit of extra weight, we would recommend the following meals:

Duck is high in fat so is a great option for putting on weight quickly. You can certainly increase the amount of your dog's food per day in order to reach the desired weight.

Great for Kidney Issues

It is important for dogs with kidney issues to be fed a low-fat, low purine and low-phosphorous diet.

We have a product that has been specially formulated for dogs with kidney issues:

For dogs with severe kidney issues, we recommend feeding Special Diet only for 3-4 weeks, then to have their urine levels tested.

Another product that can be fed is:

This product is low-fat and low-phosphorous. Lamb and Mint can be fed 1-2 times per week for dogs with mild kidney issues.

Contains Superfoods

If you are looking for an extra nutritional boost for your dog, we have our most premium range Paleo Plus, with each meal including a 5% mix of antioxidant superfoods.

The superfoods included in this mix are:


🌿 Blackberries

🌿 Organic Hemp Seed Powder

🌿 Kale

🌿 Broccoli

🌿 Green Lipped Mussel

🌿 Seaweed

Specially formulated to give your dog a potent, immune-boosting punch. Each

Our Paleo Plus range includes the following meals:

For those who want to feed our Classic range with the benefits of superfoods, you can buy our antioxidant superfood mix, Berry Good.

Contains Vegetables

Whilst we understand that not all dogs tolerate vegetables, some dogs absolutely love them! If your dog loves their veg, our Essentials range is a perfect option.

Essentials include a 20% mix of seasonal vegetables. The meals in this range are:

Please note, these meals are NOT single protein. If your dog has any intolerances or allergies, please look at the ingredients before you purchase.

If you are unsure of what to order, our customer support team is on hand to help with what you need.

You can email at or call on 02394210800.

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