How to Keep Your Dog Calm and Feeling Safe During Firework Season

30th October 2023 5 min read

Fireworks can cause great distress and anxiety in our beloved pets. We must take measures to keep them feeling safe and calm during this time.

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Fireworks are great fun and beautiful for us humans to experience, but we can’t always say the same for our furry friends. The loud bangs can cause animals to become scared and naturally go into the ‘fight or flight’ response, which can be very disorientating and distressing.

Below we have a few tips for you to help keep your pup calm and safe during this time of year.

Walk During The Day

Taking your dogs for walks during daylight is always advised. With the evenings getting darker earlier, fireworks can be let off as early as 4pm, and not just on Guy Fawkes night either. Long walks and activities will help tire them out, to make them more likely to sleep through the disturbances.

Create a Safe Space

Draw the curtains and close the windows to reduce the noise and block out the lights. Creating a special ‘hiding’ place works well too, a doggy den filled with their favourite toys and bedding can be extremely effective.


We believe you can never give your dog too many cuddles, especially on nights like these, so hunker down and enjoy spending some quality time together. Cuddles and calm praise will give reassurance to your furry friend and help them feel at ease.

Familiar Sounds

Put the radio on or a familiar TV show to create even more of a safe space, this should help distract from the noises outside and bring a feeling of comfort.

Avoid Leaving Your Dog Alone

Keep your dog company. Leaving them home alone can cause their anxieties to worsen. If you are unable to be at home, try to get a pet sitter or a friend to keep them company.

By following the above steps, we hope your dog will feel comforted and safe.

Introduce a Natural Calming Supplement

Some dogs suffer with stress and anxiety more than others. In these instances, there are some amazing supplements out there containing only natural herbs which have been proven to calm your pup. The supplements we recommend are:

Dorwest Herbs - Scullcap and Valerian Tablets

Both of the above supplements are all natural and provide excellent calming properties and nutritional benefits to your furry pal.

This time of year highlights the vulnerability and the sensitivity of our precious pets. Fireworks can see your happy, confident dog, cowering with anxiety. It is so important that we take the above steps and give extra attention to help reduce stress and make them feel calm and loved. Be sure to stock up on their favourite food and treats too.

Esther Logue

Content and Communications Manager

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