Autumn Series: Keep Warm and Keep Active

07th October 2023 5 min read

With the temperature dropping quite significantly, it's important to keep your dog active and warm during the winter months, especially senior dogs. In this blog, we will discuss why and give some helpful tips.

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Keep Warm and Keep Active

When the cold weather sets in it makes it can make it very hard to get motivated for walkies. As we know, colder weather affects joints which can make us and our furry friends reluctant to get much exercise however, it is still important to get those joints working to avoid becoming stiff.

For dogs suffering from arthritis and for senior dogs, it's important they continue to get exercise to avoid the joints becoming more stiff. If your dog is showing signs of pain or discomfort do consult your vet before taking them out on a walk.

When taking your senior dog out in the cooler weather, you can use a coat to keep their body heat in. If possible, it's best to avoid them jumping in puddles as the cold water with the cold wind can cause their joints to cease. If your dog cannot resist a puddle, make sure you have a towel in your car or bag to dry them off as soon as the walk is over.

Once home, make sure there is somewhere warm for your dog to rest with plenty of blankets. Keeping warm after a cold walk is essential, especially for senior dogs.

Top Tips

  • Early mornings and later evenings tend to be the colder times of day, for a dog suffering from joint issues try to go in the middle of the day (if possible).
  • A warm bath after a muddy and wet walk will help soothe the joints and clean off any nasties picked up outside.
  • Use a coat for your dog if they feel the cold more so than others.
  • Keeping active each day is important, even if you cannot make it out for two walks a day, you can play games with your dog such as tug of war or fetch to keep those joints moving.
  • Feed natural foods which are high in glucosamine and chondroitin such as Paleo Ridge Joint Aid.
  • A nutrient-rich diet is especially important in the colder months, your dog's immune system needs optimum support to fight against colds and bugs which are abundant at this time of year. Paleo Plus is an excellent antioxidant-rich food as it contains Berry Good which gives a potent, nourishing punch.
  • Make sure there is always a warm space available for your pooch whether this be near a radiator or in the warmest room of the house.

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