Dorwest Kelp Seaweed Powder For Dogs And Cats (250g)



The Dorwest Seaweed Powder for dogs contains a special variety of kelp, which is a rich source of minerals, as well as trace elements and organic fibres. The seaweed powder makes a great nutritional supplement for your dog, promoting coat growth and maintaining good pigmentation, especially through the winter.

The Kelp Seaweed Powder for dogs is completely natural making it perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies. It’s suitable for dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors. It’s even great for cats too.

Order today to start seeing the benefits of what the Dorwest Kelp Seaweed Powder can do for your dog.

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Key Benefits

  • Great for fussy dogs
  • Grain free
  • Great for cats
  • Great For Sensitive Tummies
  • Suitable for Puppies
  • Suitable for Seniors
  • Recyclable Packaging
The kelp used is harvested from sustainable deep sea sources and its British Herbal Pharmacopoeia status shows it contains no heavy metals or contaminants.
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