Dorwest Easy Green Powder For Dogs And Cats (250g)



Dorwest Easy Green Powder is made with spinach, parsley and watercress giving your dog all the benefits of eating a bowl of super-greens, without a single vegetable in sight! This convenient, easy-to-use supplement can simply be added to your pet’s food, and will provide them with all the nutritious goodness they need.

The Dorwest Easy Green Powder will help reduce discomfort from overheated or irritated skin, and can be given to dogs of all ages, including puppies and seniors, as well as cats. The powder is also grain-free and ideal for fussy dogs or those with sensitive tummies. Order the Dorwest Easy Green Powder today, and see the benefits in your pet for yourself.

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Key Benefits

  • Great for fussy dogs
  • Grain free
  • Great for cats
  • Great For Sensitive Tummies
  • Suitable for Puppies
  • Suitable for Seniors
  • Recyclable Packaging
Did you know that dogs find it hard to digest vegetables? Even a super green dinner packed full of vegetables might not give your dog much veggie goodness! This is because dogs find it hard to break down the cellulose in vegetables, so these nutritious plants need to be given pulsed, or more easily, in an appropriate supplement for better absorption.
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