Dorwest Tree Barks Powder For Dogs And Cats (100g)



The Dorwest Tree Barks Powder will naturally help your pet’s digestion, keeping their tummies comfortable and stools firm. The two powdered tree barks included in this supplement will help to slow the passage of food, increasing the absorption of nutrients and easing any discomfort.

The Dorwest Tree Barks Powder will help your dog when their stomach needs that extra bit of support, and is suitable for all breeds and ages, including puppies and seniors. It’s even great for cats as well. Order your Dorwest Tree Barks Powder today to see the benefits in your dog for yourself.

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This fine fluffy powder does something magic when it mixes with water, becoming almost blancmange like, hence the name ‘slippery’ elm. It coats and soothes the stomach and digestive tract (emollient action), helping to support the absorption of nutrients, firming stools and easing discomfort.
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