Is My Dog a Healthy Weight?

05th February 2023 5 min read

Every dog is different, so how do you know if they are underweight or overweight? Here we have some helpful tips to check if your pooch is a healthy weight.

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Is My Dog a Healthy Weight?

Much like us humans, dogs vary in size, metabolism and weight. This is why there is no specific 'healthy weight' guide to apply to all dogs. You can find the average weight of certain breeds online however, remember this is just the average and the above applies.

As dogs come in all shapes and sizes, this guide may not be as straightforward for your breed. For example, whippets and greyhounds are lean and athletic whilst bulldogs are much broader. Dogs with much fluffier coats will be harder to negotiate the fur!

For the majority of breeds, this simple chart applies. As you can see, there is definition between each of the weight types. As mentioned above, some breeds are excluded due to their natural weight.

What is Best to Feed for Weight Gain?

If you feel your furry friend could do with a little extra weight, duck is the best protein to go for. Duck is, not only delicious but, high in good fats. Paleo Plus Totally Duck is an absolute winner, purely duck with some added superfoods for an extra immune boost. Other duck products we offer are:

What is Best to Feed for Weight Loss?

Should you feel your dog needs to lose a little extra weight, we have many meals that are low-fat. We consider anything under 10% fat ideal. Some meals we provide are as little as 4% and 5%. These are:

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