What are the Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs?

23rd April 2023 8 min read

Bone Broth the superfood? This new addition to our Classic range can help heal your dog. Here's why.

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What is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a nutrient dense, protein rich liquid made from animal bones. Bones contain an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals which can help support the immune system and help your dog reach optimum health.

Our Classic Bone Broth is made using the finest cuts of bones which are pressure cooked with apple cider vinegar to help extract as many nutrients as possible. All our bone is made using antibiotic and hormone-free bones sourced from the UK.

As with all meats used in Paleo Ridge products, using bones from animals raised in high-welfare conditions ensures the best possible ethical standards as well as quality of product.

What are the Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs?

Bone broth has proven results in reducing inflammation, strengthening bones whilst improving gut and skin health. It is great for pets with sensitive stomachs as the amino acids and gelatin support healthy bowel movements.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Improved Digestion: Bone broth is rich in gelatin, which helps to support healthy digestion. It also contains amino acids that help to break down food, soothe the lining of the digestive tract, and reduce inflammation.
  • Joint Health: Bone broth contains glucosamine, chondroitin, and other compounds that can help to reduce inflammation and improve joint health.
  • Immune System: The gelatin in bone broth can help support a healthy immune system by providing essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Skin and Coat: Bone broth is also high in collagen, which helps to keep skin, nails, and fur healthy.
  • Healthy Teeth and Bones: Bone broth contains calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals that help to keep teeth and bones strong.
  • Helps the Liver Detox: Bone broth contains the amino acid glycine, which helps the liver detox to the best of it’s ability.

Different Types of Bone Broth

How to store Classic Bone Broth

Classic Bone Broth arrives frozen. It can be defrosted, portioned up and refrozen.

  • Store in a freezer at -18°C
  • Keep in a sealed container at the bottom of the fridge when defrosting.
  • Always use separate utensils for serving.
  • Open and dispose of packaging carefully.
  • Wear food safe gloves when handling.
  • Wash hands and clean surfaces thoroughly before and after handling.
  • Once defrosted use within 5 days.

How much Bone Broth should I feed my dog?

This treat product is a complementary feed that should be fed as part of a balanced diet.

It is best to feed bone broth to dogs by mixing it with their regular food. Start by adding a small amount of broth to their food and gradually increasing the amount until they are used to it. You can also give them bone broth as a treat, by pouring it into a bowl or an ice cube tray and freezing it.

Always supervise your pet when feeding and provide plenty of fresh drinking water.

Feeding guide (based on dog size):

  • 2.25kg – 10kg = 30 – 50g of broth
  • 10kg – 25kg = 50 – 100g of broth
  • 25kg – 50kg = 100 – 150g of broth

How to Warm Bone Broth

During the colder months, warm bone broth can be a great addition to meals. It is also perfect to give as a hearty, warming drink after a cold, wintery walk!

To warm your broth simply:

  • Add broth to a saucepan
  • Gently warm the broth for 30 seconds - 1 minute
  • Do not allow the broth to boil
  • Do not warm in the microwave (this will deplete the nutrients)

Always check the temperature of the broth before serving, it should be warm, not hot.

I like to think of Bone Broth as a ‘cellular energy drink”. Dogs need to stay hydrated. A lot of their water intake should be through their food, which is not easy if feeding a dry kibble diet! Broth offers an ‘Isotonic’ delicious healthy and species appropriate drink.

It is packed with electrolytes: minerals like sodium and potassium that make it more effective at hydration than water alone. Broth’s palatability encourages dogs to drink on hot summer days, helps dogs in recovery, or post-surgery to replenish body fluids. Performance and working dogs benefit too, as do ’seniors’ needing extra support, as bone broth contains calcium and glucosamine sulphates for joint health.

It’s an ideal first food following an illness, or tummy upset as its simply concentrated bio-available liquid nutrition. It promotes a healthy gut, and immune system as it contains key amino acids / proteins like Glycine, which decrease inflammation and build tissues in the gut lining. Packed with minerals including silicon, sulphur, magnesium and phosphorus, It can tempt the fussiest eaters to tuck into their food, or it’s just a healthy refreshing drink to boost optimum wellness.

Anna Webb

Canine Nutritionist and Behaviourist

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