Classic Duck (500g)



Indulge your beloved pet with Paleo Ridge's Classic Duck, an sensational 80:10:10 raw dog food blend, perfect for all life stages, from playful puppies to distinguished seniors. This game-rich meal is a single protein source and is entirely grain-free, making it an exceptional hypoallergenic option for sensitive dogs.

Expertly prepared with high-welfare British duck, this nutrient-dense formula ensures your dog thrives, providing the essential nourishment they need for optimal performance and well-being.

Key Benefits

  • Grain free
  • Single Protein Meal
  • Suitable for Puppies
  • Suitable for Seniors
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Tripe Free
  • 100% Meat, Bone & Offal
  • Suitable for all Life Stages
  • High in Duck
  • Great for Weight Gain
  • Rawsafe
Duck is a fantastic addition to your dog’s diet. This nutritionally dense meat packs a powerful immune boosting punch, whilst being incredibly delicious.
Hygiene Instructions

See article on Hygiene Instructions.

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