Switch to Raw Feeding

By choosing to feed a raw dog food diet, you'll be making the best decision for your four-legged companion.

A biologically appropriate raw diet has incredible benefits for your dog’s health. The wide variety of proteins available means your dog will enjoy a mix of essential nutrients they need to thrive.

Why Feed Raw?

Long before our beloved dogs became domesticated, they thrived on a diet of small prey animals such as birds and mice, as well as larger prey like deer. They would eat the whole animal, including bones and organs. The anatomy of today's domestic dogs remains very similar to their ancestors with sharp jagged teeth designed for grabbing, ripping and tearing meat and a very short gut compared to herbivores which allows food to pass through quickly.


Benefits of Raw Feeding

  • Glossy coat with little to no odour
  • Improved immune system
  • Stronger teeth and bones
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced itching, licking and scratching
  • Fewer tummy upsets
  • Smaller, less smelly poos


Raw vs Other Foods



Premium Ingredients
High in Protein
High Moisture Content
100% Natural

Grain & Filler Free

Edible Bones

Legume Free

Firmer & Less Smelly Poo


Switching Made Easy

We recommend a straight switch to raw, there is no need to gradually introduce the new food although you can make a gradual change if that's easier.

WEEK 1Classic Turkey or Classic Lamb Tripe and Turkey
WEEK 2Classic Beef Tripe and Chicken or Classic Beef Tripe and Duck
WEEK 3Classic Beef and Duck or Classic Lamb Tripe and Duck
WEEK 4Paleo Plus Lamb & Mint or Paleo Plus Turkey & Fish
WEEK 5Try some more flavours from our Classic 80-10-10,
Paleo Plus and Essentials ranges of complete feeds.

What Our Customers Say

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