Crufts Highlights 2022

30th March 2022

Check out the highlights from Paleo Ridge's first exhibition experience at Crufts. Warning, lots of cute dog photos ahead!

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Crufts 2022 - The Best Bits

It's no secret that we had an AMAZING time at Crufts this year. From setting up our stand, to meeting all of the wonderful dogs and owners who attended, it was a brilliant experience.

Our main focus of the event was to shout about the many benefits of feeding raw and to provide as much information as possible to those who are new to the world of raw feeding.

We also showcased our new Classic Treat range. Any dog who walked past our stand was offered either a delicious naturally air-dried sprat or a fish skin cube, and in some cases, both! One of our biggest highlights was the pure joy felt by all of us by treating all the furry friends.

Our SEO and Media Manager Kolade, couldn't hide his joy as he interacted with each dog. His infectious smile and happiness radiated through all of us.

Will Green, Tyler Daly, Chris Jones, Gill Synnuck and Esther Logue all helped put our stand together. It looked fantastic and what a good team!

The Director of Sales and Marketing, Will Green, took on the role of 'chief dog sitter' for visitors to our stand.

We very much enjoyed watching the flyball teams, especially our sponsored team Tails-We-Win. They were fantastic and did us proud!

The lovely Anna Webb and Mike Hanson visited our stand to record a special Crufts edition of podcast Anna's podcast, A Dog's Life. You can check out Anna's podcast here.

We even had dog celebrities visit our stand. Here is @lilliput.the.maltese, isn't she adorable?

Our Director of Supply Chain tested out his imitation skills, pretty good we think!

We stayed in a dog friendly hotel which made us very happy. Lots of dogs to be seen in the evenings too.

A compilation of Kolade, one of our happiest employees (when dogs are around of course).

Will Green was very popular with the dogs, he made lots of furry friends at Crufts.

Here they are, the Paleo Ridge lads on tour! Will Green, Tyler Daly, Ryan Biles and Dainius Kinta ready to welcome all the lovely dogs to the stand.

Many beautiful pooches came for a beautifully posed photo!

We very much enjoyed a visit from Anna Webb and her dogs, Mr Binks and Prudence.

Tyler made lots of furry friends too. The treats were a real hit!

Gill provided many dogs with tasty treats and was very popular with all our visitors.

Will Green had a wonderful catch up with the lovely Elly Thompson from Dermadog.

Gill Synnuck met Clare Balding, claim to fame (kind of).

The lovely Summer Clark from Paws in Pursuit winning another medal. She is amazing at what she does and we are very proud to sponsor her.

And then it was over. Time to pack up and go home after a fun-packed, five-day adventure.

We want to thank everyone who came to see us, and all those who have supported us through our Paleo Ridge journey. Crufts, we will be back next year and we cannot wait!

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