Wagging Tail Raw Dog Food

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North Yorkshire
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About Wagging Tail Raw Dog Food

As well as stocking amazing dog food like Paleo Ridge, Wagging Tail in the heart of Yorkshire has a large unit with over 20 freezers packed with great British RAW. We also have a large selection of accessories and both raw and dried treats.
Here at Wagging Tail, we want to give dog owners (and Cat owners) the opportunity to provide a natural healthy living which their pet deserves. We want our best friends to live a long life, have a lean body mass, smaller stools with healthy skin and great coats. We want our pets to have the best oral hygiene they can with strong bones, from puppies to adults.

Pop into the shop for your Paleo Ridge supplies and check out everything else we have to offer too.

Services Available

  • Raw Advice
  • Click & Collect
  • Local Deliveries

The information on this page is subject to change. Please call the store direct to confirm details.