Dorwest Turmeric Tablets for Dogs and Cats (100 tablets)



Dorwest's specially formulated Turmeric Tablets for dogs and cats are made using a pure and potent extract. Consisting of 95% curcuminoids - the active part of turmeric - they can help support your pet's natural anti-inflammatory processes.

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A high-quality turmeric extract containing 95% curcuminoids, with added piperine for increased absorption.

Active ingredients: Powdered Turmeric extract 175mg (Equivalent to 7175mg of dry turmeric root), Bioperine® (Black pepper extract) 2mg


Give daily. Small dogs and cats 1 tablet, medium dogs 2 tablets, large and giant breeds 3 tablets. Give with food to improve bioavailability. Recommended to be given for a minimum of one month. For the first week it can be advisable to start at a lower amount and build up.

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