Sniffe & Likkit Glove My Dog - Bamboo Towel



Sniffe and Likkit's Glove My Dog Deluxe Super-Soft Natural Bamboo Towel is made with a blend of natural bamboo fibres.

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Key Benefits

  • Suitable for Puppies
  • Suitable for Seniors
  • Suitable for all Life Stages
Super lightweight, ultra soft and comfortable. Perfect for allergies and sensitive skin conditions. The complex structure of bamboo fibres and its permeability makes it highly absorbant to moisture, and breathable. Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, odour & mould resistant.

Towel dry your muddy buddy after a wet walk or bath-time. Rub coat thoroughly, squeeze out then rinse and repeat until dry. Finish with a quick spritz of our Give A Dog Cologne conditioning mist.

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