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Useful Links

04th January 2019 5 mins read

Some useful links for those looking to learn more on raw feeding

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Useful Links

We are proud to recommend:

Raw Feeding Veterinary Society

A group of motivated vets and vet nurses with a common interest in raw feeding and species appropriate nutrition in dogs and cats.

Raw Feeding Veterinary Society Website

Dogs First Ireland

A fantastic resource for dog owners led by Dr Conor Brady.

Dogs First Website

CAM 4 Animals

A 21,000+ strong consumer group of animal owners, farmers, vets and CAM practitioners. CAM 4 Animals campaign to protect and promote Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) as part of integrated veterinary care.

CAM 4 Animals Website

Pro Raw Vets

A list of Pro-Raw vets in the UK.

Raw Food Vets List

Pro Raw Canine Nutritionist

Moddie Lambert BCCSDip. HthNut is a qualified Canine Nutritionist with over 7 years experience of tailoring enhanced raw feeding solutions for dogs of all breeds.

Moddie offers a range of canine nutrition advisory services including custom diets for dogs with specialist dietary requirements.

Simply Raw Feeding is not aligned to any one supplier so can offer you genuinely independent advice.

Contact Moddie here

Raw Fed - Myths

An excellent source of info for raw feeders and those thinking about switching to raw.

Raw Fed Website

Give That Dog (or Cat) a Bone!

Why raw bones are good for raw fed dogs and cats.

Healthy Pets Website

British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons

The Association was formed to advance the understanding, knowledge and practice of veterinary homeopathy.

British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons Website

Dogs Naturally Magazine

Offering excellent information and articles on natural and healthy approaches to pets.

Dogs Naturally Magazine Website

Canine Health Concern

Offers invaluable advice on the adverse affects caused by vaccines.

Canine Health Concern Website

Raw vs. Kibble

We recommend taking the time to read this excellent article on Raw vs. Kibble.

Download Full Article here

Further Reading

14th July 2021

The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society Ltd (RFVS) would like to reassure its members and followers and, in particular, its colleagues in first opinion veterinary practices, that the article published in the media on Saturday 10th July should not give undue cause for alarm.

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13th July 2021

PFMA is aware of research from a team at the University of Porto and Lisbon focusing on a potential link with raw meat diets for dogs and drug resistant bacteria in dogs.

Whilst the dog food products tested were selected from the Portuguese market, as this was covered in the UK press, PFMA would like to provide reassurance and guidance to UK pet owners.

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