September Success Stories: Jagger & Floyd (GSP)

11th September 2023 5 min read

Guest Blog: Sammy Fletcher

Read how both Floyd & Jagger's ear infection, anal gland and stomach issues were eliminated by switching to a natural raw diet.

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Jagger and Floyd's Story

I have had the most positive experience changing the boys food to raw!

Floyd (Liver & white German Shorthair Pointer) suffered from issues with his anal gland and regular ear infections. I changed their food to raw after visiting the vets on 3 separate occasions in less than 3 months with 4 ear infections and 2 issues in connection with his anal gland, one resulting in a minor procedure, due to infection.

Since changing their food in December 2021, I am pleased to say Floyd has not had a single issue with his anal gland and has not had an ear infection at all!

Jagger (Black & white ticked German shorthair Pointer) suffered from constant loose stools - we spent a fortune on changing his food and visiting the vets to try to rectify the situation. We found out through various trial and error that he had an allergy to grain.

With the issues concerning both Floyd & Jagger we changed to raw and hastened to add that it has been the best decision all round!

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