September Success Stories: Rufus (Terrier)

12th September 2023 3 min read

Guest Blog: Diana Crockett

Rufus started to put on weight and had unhealthy-looking stools, until he tried Paleo Ridge.

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Rufus's Story

Rufus is nearly 3 years old.

When he was a puppy I fed him on the best puppy food around - but not raw.

When he was about 1 year he started on raw food because he was involved in a road traffic accident and broke his leg. A lady in my village had a daughter who lovingly produced raw dog food and sent me a big box as a get-well present and he loved it and thrived on it!

This food he was originally on was produced very locally by a person who was passionate about dog nutrition, but she left the company and it was outsourced to another producer in Scotland and it just wasn’t the same and appeared to be fattier and less herbs and goodies in it.

Because the quality had significantly dropped, Rufus started to put on weight and his poo got rock-hard and unhealthy looking.

After a lot of research, I found Paleo Ridge and Rufus has never looked better … and he licks the plate clean!

I feel a big responsibility towards doing the best for my terrier because he does his best for me! ❤️

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