September Success Stories: Storm (Pomsky)

08th September 2023 5 min read

Storm struggled with behavioural issues and irregular bowel movements. Read how switching to a raw diet helped improve both!

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Storm's Story

We first considered switching our then 16 month old Pomsky puppy, Storm, onto raw food in February 2023. We'd just started working with a behaviourist/dog trainer (Cecilia at Player Two Dog Training) for a variety of behavioural issues we'd been having with Storm, and one of her first pieces of advice was to do a food intolerance test, to make sure we weren't feeding him anything that might be making him feel pretty rubbish in his gut every day.

Upon receiving the results of that test, we realised Storm had a pretty long list of foods that didn't agree with him, including rabbit, butternut squash, sweet potato, haddock, pork liver to name a few, and of course most of these ingredients are extremely common in all dog food - treats, kibble, and a lot of raw foods too! We had to do a lot of research to find something he could eat comfortably, and we finally found Paleo Ridge, and the Paleo Plus range more specifically. Whilst he can't have every flavour, we love mixing up between the Lamb & Mint, Totally Duck and Totally Chicken.

I also personally enjoy prepping his food using different bowls, slow feeders or lickimats etc. to mix up the enrichment and adding different toppings to bulk out his meal. His food is often prettier than mine when I serve it up!

Storm's not a fussy dog, he'll eat pretty much anything you offer, so the switch to raw was super easy. We very quickly noticed such an improvement in his bowel movements - I can't explain the joy of being able to pick up small poops rather than having to grab half the grass with it! 6 months on, his behaviour has also improved massively.

We can't say that's just down to the switch to raw, as we've worked very closely and very hard with Cecilia during this time too, but I have no doubt that knowing his food isn't causing him discomfort will have played a major role!

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