September Success Stories: Sparky (Golden Doodle)

09th September 2023 5 min read

Guest Blog: Susan Kaye

Sparky suffered with a bad tummy for the first year of her life. After being prescribed various different kibbles by the Vet, there was no improvement. After some extensive research we came across a raw food diet.

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Sparky's Story

I have 5 dogs who have been fed a raw diet for many years. At the start of my dog food journey I was completely unaware of all the different options for feeding dogs. I just assumed that dry food was what should be fed and the ones sold by vets should be good quality. I was very wrong. My first dog was a toy poodle, Frosty (now 10 years old), very fussy and picky, and didn’t like much.

My next dog was Sparky (standard golden doodle), now 8 years old. She was my reason to doing a lot of research and eventually changing to raw food. She was weaned onto Hills dry food by the breeder. She came to me fairly small for a standard golden doodle, and she also had giardia.

The vet recommended kibble and she had on and off bad tummy for the first year of her life with constant visits to the vet. I then changed the dry food and things slightly improved but still very gassy and on and off diarrhoea. I continued researching and came across a raw food diet.

When she was about 18 months/2 years old I felt knowledgeable and confident enough and switched straight to Paleo Ridge raw, tripe for the first couple of days, then chicken and tripe complete, and gradually introduced other proteins. I switched all 3 of my dogs over that day and have not looked back.

No more bad tummies, no gas, all good from day 1! And they absolutely love it, even my fussy little poodle. My two younger dogs were born at home and weaned onto a raw food diet and have thrived and had amazing health.

They are now 5 years old. It is obviously easier to feed dry ultra-processed food, but I could absolutely never go back for the health and welfare of my dogs. I feed a few different brands of raw food and DIY, but my main staple is paleo ridge for consistent quality.

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