The Best Dog Breeds for New Owners

18th October 2022

We recently conducted a survey on social media to find out what dog breeds, our readers recommend for first time dog owners. Read on to find out the verdict!

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Which Breed Do You Think is Best Suited for New Dog Owners?

Here at Paleo Ridge, we recently conducted a poll on our Instagram to find out which breeds you (our followers) think are best suited for first time dog owners. We placed our findings into a top 10 list which we put forward to our followers. Within 24 hours we received well over 300 votes to decide the people’s choice of which breed is best suited to a new puppy parent.

We present to you the top 3 chosen by our followers.

In third place, comes the Greyhound. Bred for racing, the Greyhound has seen a rise in adoption rates with many being retired racing Greyhounds. This breed has seen a huge resurgence in popularity as a family pet. A gentle and intelligent breed who rarely bark or make a fuss, the Greyhound is typically a healthy and long-lived breed. They make a fantastic pet for any owner, they are usually very low-maintenance and gentle dogs who you will often find sleeping next to their humans!

Coming in at second place is the Labrador. Up there with some of the most intelligent breeds, the Labrador can learn as many as 250 words, signs and signals as well as being incredibly good at immediately obeying commands. Labradors are exceptionally reliable, trustworthy and good natured. They make a perfect family pet; they bond well with people and are very affectionate and loving.

And the winner, as voted by our social media following, is... The Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever is the ideal pet. Hard workers with big hearts, Retrievers make excellent service dogs for the blind and deaf as well as working dogs. They also make a wonderful addition to your family; they are good with children and have a lot of love to give. The Golden Retriever is a healthy dog who needs daily exercise but do not require much grooming!

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