Raw Feeding Cured My Dog's Pancreatitis

31st December 2020

Guest Blog: Tinkler

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I just wanted to share my Paleo Ridge success story!

My girl Tinker, was diagnosed with Pancreatitis on 3rd July 2020 with Pancreatic enzymes at 1,123 (normal is 200 or less). She was miserable and lethargic and refused to walk and she weighed a whopping 32.6kg!

She was taking a plethora of prescription drugs daily (11 different types!) and was still howling in pain.

I researched and switched her to raw on 20th July 2020.

By the end of the July she was off ALL of her prescription meds and had gained a new lease of life.

Tinker was retested yesterday (29th December 2020) and this morning her results came back from the lab and her lipase enzymes are down from 1,123 to 265 and she has gone from 32.6kg to bang on 26kg and all inside of 6 months of switching to raw!

I am now so passionate about raw feeding that I made room in my grooming salon to stock my favourite brand, Paleo Ridge and I’m well and truly flying the raw feeding flag with my beautiful success story by my side.

Raw for the win!!

We are so happy we tried raw. I will certainly never feed my dogs a kibble diet ever again!

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