Paleo Ridge Product Update

18th October 2021 2 min read

Paleo Ridge would like to provide an update to all customers on changes to our product prices that will be coming into effect on 8th November 2021.

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Dear Customers,

We want to inform all our customers about the price increase we are implementing with effect from 8th November 2021.

Please be assured we would not be increasing our prices unless we absolutely had to. Unfortunately, a number of factors have increased the cost of food supply substantially since the beginning of this year. For us to operate sustainably as a business we have to re-align our prices with our suppliers.

The impact of the pandemic and Brexit is being felt across all industries including farming, agricultural, packaging and transport, all of which we rely on. We have seen a price rise from all of our suppliers as a result. In addition, the inflation we saw in June this year has been the highest in the UK in 3 years.

At Paleo Ridge we pride ourselves on sourcing the most ethical meat available. The quality of our products is not something we will compromise on as we care deeply about the health of dogs. With this in mind, we have had to absorb the cost of certain ingredients becoming more expensive and harder to source.

We will always be transparent with our customers with any changes in the business. 2021 has seen costs increase on most products and services. We appreciate that most supermarkets have increased prices across food dramatically. The same has been seen across the pet food industry, highlighting the effects of the current economy and the impact on costs.

The increase will affect all orders placed on 8th November.

We want to thank you for your understanding and continued support.

The past 2 years have been the most challenging I have seen in all my supply chain career. The level of unforeseen and severe disruption we have seen as a result of COVID-19, coupled with the complexity Brexit has bought to trading in the UK, has tested our ability to be dynamic and agile to the limit. 

We have always worked tirelessly to innovate and mitigate the impact of rapidly increasing market pricing on raw materials and packaging to our business. However international market influences over the domestic market have pushed us to a position where we, as a business, are faced with no choice but to accept an increase in costs, to ensure the exceptional quality and visibility of our products, or not produce and stock product lines that our customers love so much.

As a business, and on a personal level, we believe integrity and commitment to our core values should be unwavering. This, I believe, is what sets us apart as a business. As such we will never deviate nor compromise on quality. Quality of our sourcing, quality of our processes and products and quality in how we do business.

Our one ambition as a business is to ensure that as many pups and pets as possible have access to our high quality, responsibly sourced and manufactured meals. As such we have had to review our pricing to ensure it is sustainable and that we can optimise availability of our products.

Chris Jones

Head of Supply Chain

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