Paleo Ridge partners with Wightlink Ferries

22nd February 2023 5 min read

Gill and Esther of Paleo Ridge spend the day with Wightlink onboard one of their ferries to showcase the brand new Classic Treats range.

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Paleo Ridge work closely with Wightlink to treat dogs onboard

Gill Synnuck, Trade Account Manager (left), Esther Logue, Content and Communications Manager (right)

On Friday 17th February Gill and Esther of Paleo Ridge spent the day onboard Wightlink's St Clare ferry to showcase the brand new Classic Treats.

Wightlink is an award-winning ferry operator linking the Isle of Wight and Hampshire via three convenient ferry routes:

🚢 Portsmouth - Fishbourne

🚢 Portsmouth Harbour - Ryde

🚢 Lymington - Yarmouth

Ferries from the Isle of Wight have been operating for more than 160 years. This trusted, local service carry 3.8 million people every year, with over 100 sailings every single day!

Wightlink support local businesses and are striving for a greener future with their hybrid-energy flagship ferry and a host of environmentally friendly initiatives. Paleo Ridge feel privileged to be working closely with such a well-established, environment focused local service.

Victoria of Wight Hybrid Ferry

Wightlink welcomed Paleo Ridge on board to treat their four-legged passengers during half-term week. Paleo Ridge brought a tasty selection of their brand new Classic Treats for dogs on board to taste test. The treats on offer were:

Classic Treats Venison Bites (60g)

Classic Treats Turkey Liver (60g)

Classic Treats Ox Liver (60g)

Classic Treats Lamb Lung (90g)

It's safe to say the natural, nutritious air-dried treats were a hit!

Paleo Ridge had a successful day onboard the ferry and are very much looking forward to working with Wightlink again in the future.

In celebration of this recent collaboration, Paleo Ridge are offering Wightlink customers a special discount code for raw dog food. To activate the 20% discount and free shipping, create an account via and use the code: WIGHTLINK423 at checkout.

“This is just part of Wightlink’s commitment to supporting local businesses on both sides of the Solent, looking after the environment and welcoming dogs onboard our ferries.”

Keith Greenfield

Wightlink Chief Executive

“We’re delighted to set sail with Wightlink and introduce lots of owners and dogs to our new meaty treats. It's a great opportunity for Paleo Ridge and we're very much looking forward to working more closely with Wightlink in the future"

Gill Synnuck

Trade Account Manager

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