Paleo Ridge Spend the Day With Tails We Win

14th June 2023 10 min read

The Paleo Ridge team and their dogs visit their sponsored Flyball team, Tails We Win for a day of training, fun and inspiration!

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Paleo Ridge Spend the Day with Flyball Champions, Tails We Win

Tails We Win are a well-established Flyball team, founded by Joe Lamont and Helen Welch in 2010. They are the fastest team ever recorded in Europe and are UK champions!

One important factor of being the best and the fastest is nutrition. Tails We Win have been powered by Paleo Ridge for many years and their diet really shines through. Each dog in the team is lean and powerful.

Some of the Paleo Ridge team went to spend a day with the champions to see how they train and even try their own dogs at Flyball!

You can check out Tails We Win on Instagram and Facebook.

We have been proud sponsors of Tails We Win for a number of years and have looked on proudly at their ongoing success. The team at Paleo Ridge have dogs of all shapes and sizes, but not many that would be suited to taking on flyball. We went into the experience not knowing what to expect and I have to say Joe managed to work a few miracles and get our dogs running the course. It was incredible to witness their training first hand, it's easy to see how they have been so successful. We all had a great time and the dogs all slept well on the way back. What a fantastic experience!

Will Green

Director of Sales and Marketing

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