September Success Stories: Othello (GSD)

06th September 2023 5 min read

Guest Blog: Kellie Knight

Othello was born with hip and elbow dysplasia. Read on to find out how feeding a raw diet has helped with his recovery.

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Othello's Story

Othello was born with hip and elbow dysplasia. He started showing signs quite early. We changed him to Paleo Plus as I believe that pure joint care is the best option for a younger dog. He was also having duck feet and trachea, and the paleo ridge joint care too.

He was on anti-inflammatories and I didn't want to keep putting chemicals into his body. He found walking and running challenging and lost a lot of his puppy hood.

On his first birthday we started the long process of major operations to help him to live a full life. He started off with his elbows. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough cartilage for an elbow repair so they conducted a PAUL surgical procedure which is cutting the ulnar in two and repositioning the elbow to a more suitable position where there was cartilage. He had this on both front legs.

His recovery has been amazing. All through his surgeries he only wanted Pork and Apple or Special Diet from the Paleo Plus range. I obviously obliged as I knew all the goodness in this product would be awesome for him.

Twelve weeks ago he had a full hip replacement and he has exceeded all expectations. He's doing so well. This boy is an absolute legend. I'm so very proud of him and I'm so glad that he has been on the best diet, had the best care from a veterinary team and I've done all I can at home to make sure this boy is a success story.

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