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12th January 2022 3 min read

Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) is based in Carmarthenshire, Wales but have dogs in foster homes all throughout the UK. Paleo Ridge have been supporting MTAR for over 6 years, read on to find out more.

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Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) is based in Carmarthenshire, Wales but support dogs in foster homes all throughout the UK.

They are a unique organisation who predominantly re-home ex-breeding dogs. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous breeders that discard dogs once they can no longer breed. Luckily, Many Tears are there to save these dogs and help them find a new home.

Whilst ex-breeding dogs are most common, they rescue those who are on 'death row' at local dog pounds and also take those in whose owners cannot take care of them anymore.

Figures have shown that more than 3.2 million pets were bought during lockdown. Since the lift of lockdown and restrictions eased, many dogs have been abandoned by their owners and charities have seen a huge influx in unwanted pups. What makes this situation even more heart wrenching is, dogs are such innocent, loyal creatures who want a loving forever home. It can be traumatising for the dog to be passed around to various places and even abandoned by those they love.

We must remember that dogs are family and every action we take on their life, has a dramatic impact on their wellbeing. Adopting or fostering a dog is a big decision and should be one that is thought about thoroughly before taking the step.

We have been supporting Many Tears Rescue for over 6 years. The founders and volunteers work extremely hard to ensure all of the dogs are well cared for and find their forever home.

Recently, they have been struggling with the effects from the pandemic and also the aftermath of Storm Arwen which caused a lot of damage. Luckily, they are now back up and running and once again, providing support to those in need.

I feel here I need to say a few words to explain that though a strong believer in "no kill" rescue homes, I am now a realist not an ostrich. I used to avoid any rescue that euthanised animals, instead of opening my eyes and going to them to help to change them. Necessity and my love of animals made me a murderer (taking innocent lives) and I will never accept I was anything else. Worse still, when I could no longer take anymore - I left (though, of course, I waited till a replacement was found).

Many times when walking the rows of kennels at The Human Society and being greeted joyfully by my friends, I would then have to betray them and walk them to the room of death. There I would gently take their trusting paws, shave their legs and administer the fatal injection. All the while they lovingly gazed into my eyes and wagged their tails. Cat, dog, puppy and kitten all took with them a little of my life as I took theirs. To add insult to injury they were then put into black bin liners and put into the freezer until one of the two dog catchers came and tossed them on their truck and dumped them in the land fill!

My tears still flow and I know they always will. I have been told "The soul can have no rainbows, less the eyes have shed some tears" a saying that has become deeply associated with Many Tears.


Co-founder of Many Tears Rescue

If you would like to donate, even the smallest amount can help rescue an animal, please click here.

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