Introducing Our New Classic Bone Broth Range

24th April 2023 5 min read

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Paleo Ridge have extended their Classic range to include three new bone broth flavours for dogs and cats.

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Paleo Ridge Launch Brand New Classic Bone Broth Range, Suitable for Dogs and Cats

The UK's most accredited raw dog food producer has extended their popular Classic range to include three flavours of bone broth; beef, chicken and lamb.

Classic Bone Broth products are single protein, made exclusively with natural ingredients, continuing Paleo Ridge’s aim to promote healthy dogs through a natural diet.

The recommended retail price for the product, which will be available online and through independent stockists is £8 for 400ml, with an introductory price of £7 until the end of May.

This has been a long time in development, perfecting this range of products, and we are thrilled to be adding Classic Bone Broth to the Paleo Ridge range.

Will Green

Director of Sales and Marketing

Our range of bone broth is naturally mineral rich with essential vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids to keep your pets at their optimum. Bone broth is pressure cooked using the finest cuts of bones to produce a product high in protein, gelatin and collagen.

Esther Logue

Content and Communications Manager

TV and radio personality Anna Webb is a qualified canine nutritionist and dog expert. Anna is a raw feeding advocate and feeds her dogs Prudence and Mr Binks bone both on a regular basis. Anna explained:

I like to think of Bone Broth as a ‘cellular energy drink”. Dogs need to stay hydrated. A lot of their water intake should be through their food, which is not easy if feeding a dry kibble diet! Broth offers an ‘Isotonic’ delicious healthy and species appropriate drink.

It is packed with electrolytes: minerals like sodium and potassium that make it more effective at hydration than water alone. Broth’s palatability encourages dogs to drink on hot summer days, helps dogs in recovery, or post-surgery to replenish body fluids. Performance and working dogs benefit too, as do ’seniors’ needing extra support, as bone broth contains calcium and glucosamine sulphates for joint health.

It’s an ideal first food following an illness, or tummy upset as its simply concentrated bio-available liquid nutrition. It promotes a healthy gut, and immune system as it contains key amino acids / proteins like Glycine, which decrease inflammation and build tissues in the gut lining. Packed with minerals including silicon, sulphur, magnesium and phosphorus, It can tempt the fussiest eaters to tuck into their food, or it’s just a healthy refreshing drink to boost optimum wellness.

Anna Webb

Canine Nutritionist and Behaviourist

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