How to Keep Your Dog Cool on Hot Summer Days

16th June 2023 5 min read

Summer is officially here! Check out our top tips on how to keep your pooch cool during the hottest of days.

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How to Keep Your Dog Cool on Hot Days

As the weather has suddenly become scorching, we want to give you some tips on how to keep your dog cool during these hot spells.

In the UK over the past few years, we seem to go from cold weather to hot, with not much warning! Which can take us by surprise. This is when we see people suffering with heat stoke. If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your dog, rule number one!

☀️ Take a Walk Early in the Morning or Later in the Evening

It is too hot during the day to go for a walk unless you can fully be in the shade. The pavements are scorching! To test this, simply place your hand on the pavement, if it's too hot for you it is too hot for your dog. Early mornings and later evenings are perfect.

☀️ Extra Bowls of Fresh Water

Ensure you leave some extra bowls of fresh water around the house, garden too! Giving your dog easy access to water will help them keep hydrated.

☀️ Frozen Bone Broth

If your dog is not drinking as much as they should be, have no fear! This can be perfectly normal as dogs tend to reserve their water intake due to a natural fear of urinating too much and becoming dehydrated. This is where frozen bone broth comes into play. Bone broth is packed full of nutrients and vitamins, perfect for rehydration and immunity boosting. Frozen broth will help keep your pooch cool too.

Polka Dot Loki enjoying our Classic Chicken Bone Broth

☀️ Cooling Mat

For those extra hot days in the garden, you can either purchase a cooling mat or simply wet a towel to lay out in the garden. Be sure to put this in a shaded area, your dog can have their afternoon nap whilst feeling extra chilled.

☀️ Less Strenuous Activities

Extreme heat often means reduced energy, but it's important to keep busy for some of the day. Instead of activities which involve running around, you can put some frozen food or treats in a toy or food puzzle toy. This will keep your dog engaged, motivated, cool and they get to enjoy a delicious snack as a reward.

☀️ Keep Your Dog Well Groomed

It's important to groom your dog where possible to avoid any knotting or matted fur. This can cause discomfort, especially during the hot weather.

☀️ Take Water on Your Walk

Even if you are walking at cooler times of the day, access to water is still a must! The mornings and evening are still warm so be sure to take a bottle of water and a bowl with you on every walk. It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

☀️ Frozen Treats

We spoke about frozen broth earlier but how about a nice frozen bone! For instance, you can give your dog a frozen fish or a duck neck to lick and chew on. This will keep them entertained, cool them down and even benefit their teeth. It's a triple-win scenario!

Stay cool this summer!

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