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How Herbie Helped to Create a New Business

09th March 2018 3 mins read

How Herbie, the family pet Helped to Create a New Business

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Sharon Daly’s dog Herbie was given just one year to live, but after the family switched him to a raw diet, he made a rapid recovery.

We saw a huge improvement in his health and he lived for a further seven years.

We found that dried kibble contained known carcinogens. Mum decided to make raw dog food at home by mincing meat from the best suppliers in the region.

Removing the toxins and additives found in man-made, synthetic food had major benefits. Soon after, Paleo Ridge Raw was born.

Tyler Daly

Chief Executive Officer

The family found its small business expanding rapidly from day one, as friends began asking for extra batches for their dogs. Tyler said: ‘We moved into a converted barn in Droxford which had a small shop and space for manufacturing plus four freezers. ‘Hundreds of locals and their dogs would pop in to say hello. We offer 63 different options including beef, chicken, kangaroo and lamb. All human grade cuts.’

The family has just moved into much larger premises in Waterlooville to meet demand. ‘The best thing about being based here is that there’s lots of land and countryside, so lots of dog walkers.

‘Our produce is manufactured, frozen and shipped from site to customers and trade buyers as far away as Scotland, the Channel Islands and Singapore. The family loves hearing about the products’ benefits. Tyler said: ‘People share cards, reviews and pictures of their dogs to show how much happier and healthier they are.’

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