Paleo Ridge Launch 'Healthy Pet Month' in August

01st August 2022 5 min read

Paleo Ridge launch Healthy Pet Month this August to raise awareness of the alarming rise in health conditions in our canine family members.

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Paleo Ridge Healthy Pet Month

We are very happy to welcome you to Paleo Ridge Healthy Pet Month. During August, we will be sharing some hard-hitting facts about dogs' health and the diseases that have become far too common in our canine family members.

Why Healthy Pet Month?

It's a sad fact that so many dogs are suffering with various health conditions now more than ever before. Diseases are on the rise at an alarming rate as are other conditions like allergies and intolerances. The question we all ask ourselves is why?

Over the next four weeks, we will be focusing on hard-hitting facts about health conditions and their potential causes.

We will include a 'Mythbuster' series where we debunk raw feeding myths. We welcome you to send us the strangest myths or false information you have heard about feeding your dog a raw diet.

Please do tune in to our social channels during August. If you have a raw feeding success story you would like to share with us, please send it to

Our aim is to raise awareness of the epidemic we are facing with our dogs' health and provide advice on what we can do to ensure our furry best friends live a long, healthy life.

If you feel as strongly about this as we do, please like and share our posts to spread the word! All our facts will be posted across our social channels:

Over the past three years, I have spoken with many pet parents whose dogs have suffered with illness, whether it be allergy symptoms to pancreatitis, anal gland issues or cancer. The scary thing for me is how common health conditions are becoming in dogs, and I see that just from the amount of enquiries we get. 

With any health condition, whether you are a human or a dog, the first place to start is diet, which is why many pet parents are contacting us. 70% of the immune system is in the gut, which makes it incredibly important to input good, nutritious food. 

Dogs need our help now more than ever before and we will do what we can to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Our canine friends are so precious and we must help them, their fate is ultimately in their humans' hands.

Esther Logue

Content and Communications Manager

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