Open Letter to The Guardian

23rd July 2021 1 min read

An open letter to The Guardian regarding misinformation of raw feeding by Tyler Daly, CEO of Paleo Ridge.

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Dear Editor,

I am writing regarding your article ‘raw dog food may be fuelling spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria’, 10 July.

The sweeping claim that feeding raw pet food diets poses a significant risk to public health is a misrepresentation of the raw pet food industry.

At Paleo Ridge, we pride ourselves on meeting consistently high production standards. We only use meat derived from animal products suitable for human consumption. It is therefore misleading to suggest that raw pet food is responsible for the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Our products are thoroughly tested, beyond legislative standards, are vet checked at source and only ever contain human grade ingredients. There is no differentiation between the microbiology of the meats used for human consumption and for pets.

We support the motion to raise awareness of safe handling of meat, but this applies to all relevant industries, certainly not just dog food.

The safety and quality of our products is of the utmost importance to us. The claims in your article undermine a feeding option which, when ethically sourced and thoroughly tested, can have great health benefits for dogs.


Tyler Daly

Chief Executive Officer

Paleo Ridge

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