From Paleo Ridge to Pawdega

17th September 2021 5 min read

The UK's most accredited raw dog food company is now available in the UAE!

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From Paleo Ridge to Pawdega: The UK's Most Accredited Raw Dog Food Company is Now Available in the UAE

We are extremely excited to announce that Paleo Ridge have teamed up with Pawdega, the most trusted pet health store in the UAE. Our Classic, Classic Mini and DIY range are now available to our furry friends in the Middle East.

Who are Pawdega?

Pawdega was founded by Charly, Larry and their dog Milka. Their aim is to provide safe, non-toxic pet products from food to natural remedies. They have devoted their lives to researching and learning all there is to know about the lifestyle, nutrition, supplementation, and the environmental factors that impact the lives of pets. We are incredibly proud to be associated with such a devoted pair who are so passionate about the health and wellbeing of our furry friends.

We first met Charly and Larry at Crufts in 2020. They were very keen to stock our products and since then, it has taken around 12 months to sort the logistics of sending such a large order overseas. We delivered over 410 boxes (that’s 10 pallets!) of stock. As you can imagine, both Charly and Larry were over the moon to finally receive their Paleo Ridge order. We also celebrated once we had the confirmation of a safe landing in Dubai.


As you may well know, one of the most important factors to us is ethically sourcing the highest quality ingredients to ensure your dogs reach optimum health through their diet. This is why the relationship between Pawdega and Paleo Ridge is such a strong one, we share the same ethics and views. It is incredibly important to us both to provide advice and knowledge surrounding the importance of gut health for your dog’s overall health. We continue to research to ensure all our customers receive the most up to date and relevant information.

Below is a quote from Charly of Pawdega:

‘We are beyond thrilled to be able to offer Paleo Ridge to the pets of the UAE! It’s been a long journey and we are incredibly grateful to have made it this far with the help of the amazing team at Paleo Ridge.

Introducing Paleo Ridge has been a huge success in the UAE. Everyone is loving Paleo Ridge meals, due to the incredible quality, the sustainable packaging and the fact that it is 100% free of synthetics. We have had many reports of pet parents who say for the very first time, their dogs are finishing all their meals and even the fussiest dogs are loving it. We even had one pet parent who had to switch to feeding Paleo Ridge because her dog would not touch the old food anymore!

At Pawdega, it really was a huge decision for us when we were selecting a raw food brand to partner up with. We review every single ingredient of every single product to make sure the ingredient is safe, and beneficial for our dogs. We don’t carry anything that does not meet our values and we only carry products that help us make the pet industry a safer place. We want pet parents to feel safe when they shop at Pawdega, knowing they don’t have to worry about potentially harmful ingredients, preservatives, or synthetics.

Larry and I had a huge list of requirements that our raw food brand had to fulfil to be accepted into our store. Besides using best quality and ethically raised meats, it was also important for us to choose a brand that is sustainable and truly synthetic free.

The food had to be truly 100% synthetic-free. So many raw food companies these days are calling their raw food natural, but they still use synthetic vitamins, minerals, and filler ingredients. We can’t stand why companies that try to mislead pet parents, so we made sure we found a company that was truly synthetic-free.

Another requirement was sustainable packaging. When we opened PAWDEGA, we wanted to be as sustainable as possible. While we believe raw feeding is the best we can offer our pets, but raw feeding can be such a huge contributor to plastic waste, since our dogs eat the food on a daily basis. We are incredibly proud to be able to offer Paleo Ridge raw meals that are biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable! Currently, there is no other raw food available in the UAE that is using sustainable packaging, and we hope this will encourage others to move toward sustainability.

Obviously, another huge requirement for us was also the quality of ingredients. Honestly, sometimes I struggle to find the right words when it comes to describing how happy we are to finally be able to feed our dog ethically raised, outdoor raised, and free-range meat. Before Paleo Ridge was available in the UAE, we did not even have the option to feed free-range poultry to our dogs. Free-range and outdoor reared poultry was simply not available on the market. Paleo Ridge has elevated the health and wellbeing of dogs across the entire county, there is nothing even remotely comparable and we are so excited it all worked out.’

If you are in Dubai, pop by and say hello to the lovely Charly, Larry and Milka and send us your photos with our products, we would love to see them!

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