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05th September 2019

The team have been working very hard on brand new meals to give your pups optimum health.

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You may remember back in June we told our customers we will be launching a new product range later this year! The team have been working very hard on brand new meals to give your pups optimum health. A huge amount of research and dedication has gone into each new product, carefully thought out and tested to ensure we only provide the best quality food for our furry friends!

We put a post on Facebook and Instagram asking all our customers what they would like to see in our new range. We had an influx of fantastic suggestions! A few examples are:

  • Single protein products
  • Low phosphorous products
  • A mix of meat and fish
  • 500g packs
  • Whole pheasant
  • More rabbit

We want to say a massive thank you to all our loyal customers who have taken the time to make suggestions, your opinion is incredibly important to us!

What makes these new products so special you ask? Well, we have been building these using independent nutritional testing to confirm the nutritional value! We want everyone to understand and be aware of what nutrients are in which products, so you know exactly what to feed, ultimately leading to one super happy and healthy doggo! This is all we want, right? Not only are they receiving the best nutrition, but they are going to go nuts for the taste! Dinner time is about to get a whole load more exciting…right Django?

Django is one of our chief food testers, he wants to share our pawesome new food with all of you…but is under strict instructions to keep it quiet. Only a little longer to wait buddy!

We are looking forward to sharing more with you over the coming weeks, watch this space!

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