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Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food is officially the Best Raw Dog Food in the UK

20th October 2018 2 mins read

The UK's biggest dog magazine, Dogs Today have announced the results of a recent survey naming Paleo Ridge the "Best Raw Dog Food" in the UK

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Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food has won;

  • Best Raw Dog Food in Britain
  • Britain’s most trusted brand
  • Best Raw Dog Food if money were no object
  • Most welcoming to new raw feeders
  • Best Raw Dog Food for large breed dogs
  • Best Raw Dog Food for sensitive tummies
  • Best Raw Dog Food for small dogs (joint winner)

We felt we needed to shout about this!

"We are extremely proud to have been voted top of so many categories in this survey. It’s very fulfilling for everyone at Paleo Ridge to receive recognition for the hard work we have all been putting in. Ide like to thank our customers and those who choose to feed Paleo Ridge. We will continue to work hard at what we do best, we are excited for everyone to see what we can do in the coming months and years."

Tyler Daly

Manging Director

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