Understanding the Needs of Your Ageing Pet

27th March 2022

Guest Blog: Jessica Brody

If your pet is entering their senior stage of life, you'll need to make some necessary adjustments to ensure they are well cared for in their twilight years. Read on to find out more.

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Understanding the Needs of Your Ageing Pet

If your pet is entering their senior stage of life, you'll need to make some necessary adjustments to ensure they are well cared for in their twilight years. This article takes a look at some of the subtle changes you can make to your pet's routine and home environment so they can live a healthy and comfortable life.

Ensure They Remain Active

As dogs get older, they may develop age-related health problems such as arthritis and joint and mobility issues, restricting what and how much activity they can do.

You'll likely need to slow down and maybe limit the distances you travel when walking your pup. Your pets decline in levels of activity may not always be related to age. Keep an eye out for subtle signs of pain. If you're worried, you can visit your veterinarian so they can come up with an ideal treatment plan.

A dog's sense of smell continues to remain sharp in old age. You can use this to both your advantage by playing scenting games with them to keep them entertained and mentally and physically stimulated. There are several indoor scenting games you can play with your pet.

Make Necessary Dietary Adjustments

Like adults, the dietary needs of older pets need to be adjusted to ensure they're getting the nutrients they need. If you're a dog owner whose companion is getting up in years, consider switching to a raw diet that consists of high quality meat. This can help strengthen their immune system and provide them with more energy. Of course, if you're unsure of what exactly, your ageing pet should eat, speak to a canine nutritionist for suggestions and advice.

Go for Car Rides

If you're wondering why dogs seem to gain so much pleasure from sticking their heads out of the car window, it could all be down to their far superior olfactory system, the bodily functions that serve the sense of smell. When you wind down the window for your pet dog when you're out for a drive, you're providing him with a world of enrichment and stimulation. Your dog's extraordinary sense of smell allows him to embrace many different kinds of scents. You could say it's your dog's version of Netflix binging.

Environment Adjustments

You can carry out specific adjustments around your home to make life more comfortable for your senior pet, such as replacing hardwood flooring with carpet. The softer surface will ensure he doesn't slip when attempting to get up.

Consider elevated food and water bowls to save your dog from having to strain his head and neck. In addition, brain aging in dogs and a decline in night vision may make it difficult for your pooch to remember or see where his water bowl is, so ensure to increase the number of bowls and place night lights beside them.

Outside Protection

To keep your dog safe outside in your garden, install a fence. Start by contacting local fence companies, but before meeting with one, be sure to read online reviews to establish their reliability and professionalism. The cost of fence installation will depend on materials, size, and where it needs installing. It's essential to ensure any contractor you hire is fully licensed and insured, and aware of underground utility lines.

Make sure your fence doesn’t encroach on your neighbours' properties. If you’re unsure of your property boundaries, a property surveyor can take precise measurements of your garden.

Home Comforts

With regular exercise and mental stimulation, and specific adjustments to your animal's environment, your senior pet can live their later years in comfort surrounded by love.

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