Paleo Ridge Classic - Our 80:10:10 Raw Dog Food Range

13th January 2022 3 mins read

Our Classic 80:10:10 range follows the 'prey model' of raw feeding with each meal containing 80% human grade, outdoor reared meat, 10% offal and 10% bone, offering optimum canine nutrition to keep your dogs performing at their best.

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Classic Range 80:10:10

Our research has lead us to formulate our Classic Range based on the “80-10-10” principle which ,in plain terms, means 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal. This formula is the approximate ratio you would find these categories in the average small prey animal, such as a rabbit or rodent. We find this ratio keeps dogs performing at their best. We now have a customer base of many thousands of happy customers spanning many years, all testifying to the adequacy of our meals. You don't get to number one with anything less.

When feeding raw, variety is essential, our Classic Range offers a wide selection to suit most palates, and includes:

  • Single protein meals
  • Beef free meals
  • No fruit or veg
  • Chunkier consistency
  • Only organic chicken is used
  • Compostable and recyclable packaging

High Welfare

The entire Classic Range of complete meals come in 1kg compostable and recyclable packaging. When feeding our Classic Range, you are feeding specifically formulated nutritious meals, made using only high welfare and ethically sourced meat. You are also protecting the environment by buying a product that comes in compostable packaging and is delivered in eco-friendly boxes. Paleo Ridge products include only high welfare ingredients such as:

  • Grass fed beef
  • Grass fed lamb
  • Organic Chicken
  • Outdoor Reared Pork
  • Wild game

We stay up to date with all research and will continue to develop new recipes and meals that are researched and proven to give a dog their full requirements of each important nutrient, allowing them to thrive and be as healthy as possible.

Adding Fruit and Veg

To feed or not to feed fruit and veg?

There is no doubting that dogs are carnivores. Their ability to make carbs from protein and fat on a constant cycle and thus zero need of carbohydrates in their diet, is the very definition of a meat eater. Your dog has a very short foregut compared to omnivores and a short smooth hindgut, this is the anatomy of a carnivore. This allows food to pass through quickly. Omnivores have a much longer intestines because vegetation takes a long time to break down. Dogs do not produce amylase in their saliva. Amylase is an enzyme needed to break down cellulose in plant matter. All herbivores and omnivores produce amylase in their saliva, dogs do not.

The jury is out on whether dogs need fruit and veg in their diet. There is no definitive right or wrong answer. Dogs may have scavenged when food was very scarce. Dogs also eat shoes and other random items but we would never include these in their diets! If dogs did scavenge, it is highly unlikely they would have consumed large amounts of vegetation. At the very most it may have been around 3-5%, this would have included the residual gut contents of their plant eating prey.

Our best advice is, if you feel you want to add fruit or veg that is absolutely fine. If you have no wish to include fruit or veg, that is fine too. By Feeding a natural raw diet, with or without fruit and veg, you can be absolutely sure that you are feeding a natural and healthy diet, free from chemicals, preservatives and grains that are found in processed dog food.

If you do decide you want to add fruit and veg, our Berry Good superfood supplement is the perfect addition.

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