Paleo Ridge Take on the 'Three Peaks Challenge' for Charity

21st July 2022 5 min read

Our Paleo Ridge Executive team are taking on the Three Peak Challenge to raise money for Many Tears Rescue. So, what exactly is the 'Three Peaks challenge'?

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Paleo Ridge Exec Team to Take on the Three Peaks

Tyler Daly, Chris Jones, Will Green and Dainius Kinta are preparing to take on the famous Three Peaks Challenge. This is certainly not an easy task but it is a great test of mental and physical ability, and will be raising money for an amazing charity.

Dainius Kinta, Tyler Daly, Will Green, Chris Jones

What is the Three Peaks Challenge?

The Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the highest mountain in England, the highest mountain in Wales and the highest mountain in Scotland all within 24 hours. Sounds impossible right? Well this challenge has actually been completed by hundreds of people and a few more are about to be added to the list.

These mountains are not for the faint hearted, they take a lot of energy and skill to climb so preparation for all three is absolutely key!

The 3 peaks are:

  • Scafell Pike (978m high)
  • Snowdon (1085m high)
  • Ben Nevis (1345m high)

The total walking distance is 23 miles and the total ascent is 3,064 meters...Incredible!

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone is so important for me to grow as a person. This challenge sits firmly outside of my comfort zone. At present my fitness is at an all-time low but I have a vigorous training routine in place to get back in shape. 

This challenge is something for me to work towards and raise awareness and funds for such an awesome cause! I know we will pull each other through it but having climbed Snowdon and other peaks before, I know how challenging just one in a day can be!!

Chris Jones

Director of Supply Chain

What's the Cause?

Here at Paleo Ridge, it's important for us to support those in need. We have been working with Many Tears Rescue for over 6 years now. Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) is based in Carmarthenshire, Wales but support dogs in foster homes all throughout the UK.

They are a unique organisation who predominantly re-home ex-breeding dogs. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous breeders that discard dogs once they can no longer breed. Luckily, Many Tears are there to save these dogs and help them find a new home.

Whilst ex-breeding dogs are most common, they rescue those who are on 'death row' at local dog pounds and also take those in whose owners cannot take care of them anymore.

They are a truly incredibly organisation who save the lives of our furry friends every single day. We want to raise money to help support them and all of the dogs they take in to ensure they can have the best life possible.

I’m very happy to be supporting Many Tears Rescue in taking on the Three peaks challenge. It’s something we all agreed would be a serious task to complete and are aiming to raise as much as possible for the great work that Many Tears Rescue do. When we’re very tired and sore halfway up one of the mountains, thinking about the dogs at the rescue will no doubt help us to push through and complete the challenge!

Tyler Daly

Chief Executive Officer

Many Tears are very grateful to our friends at Paleo Ridge for taking on the Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for the Rescue. Any money raised will help us cover the cost of medical treatment for those dogs who arrive here sick or injured, along with the general running costs of the rescue which are vast. 

It is only through such kindness we are able to continue, and we wish Tyler, Will, Chris and Dainius the best of luck taking on such a huge challenge!

Many Tears Rescue

How You Can Help

If you would like to help us, help Many Tears Rescue, we would be grateful for any donations. You can donate on our Go Fund Me page, no amount is too little. Donations go direct to Many Tears Rescue. Anything you can spare to support us doing this challenge for such a wonderful cause would be very much appreciated.

We will of course be posting regular updates of our journey as and when we can, so you can see us during one of the most challenging tasks of our lives!

This is something that needs great mental and physical effort in order to be done successfully and therefore, tests my ability. There is something beautiful about encountering obstacles and finding ways to overcome them. It provides a deeper concentration and a greater sense of calmness and happiness. I'm feeling really excited, everyone is buzzing for the challenge. 

Dainius Kinta

Head of Operations

I have wanted to do the three peaks for a long time, lots of my good friends have completed the challenge in under 24 hours albeit several decades ago, and I have wanted to do it ever since. One of my very close friends, Rich Walklate was a big fan of challenges like this one and used to run “Iron Man” events all round the world, a race is held in his honour each year called “Roly’s Run”. Rich would have found it hilarious that I’m attempting this challenge, especially given my extremely poor levels of fitness.

I’m very passionate about giving dogs the best possible lives and I’m proud that Paleo Ridge change the lives of many dogs, including those at Many Tears Animal Rescue who receive regular donations from us. To raise money for the important work they are doing is a real honour.

I’m not the fittest but I like to think that I have the mental toughness to get through. I’m relishing the opportunity to push myself and enjoy the experience. The part I am least looking forward is the long drives!

Will Green

Director of Sales and Marketing

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