Gill Synnuck

Trade Account Manager

Following an extensive career in Marketing and Account Management within the travel industry, Gill made the leap from the glamorous world of travel, to working with her other love, dogs. Her twenty years’ experience working in sales and marketing, handling accounts from small independent companies to multi-million-pound chains, stands her in great stead to work with our lovely stockists across the UK.

She may sound like Jo Brand, and is the Queen of bloopers when recording anything, but this woman understands our stockists like no other and will fight to the bitter end to support them.

Dogs: Rudy and Sharon both Springadors. Arguably the best dogs in the world!

Gill Loves:

  • Food and, gin, rum, oh and espresso martinis!
  • Keeping fit (to justify her love of food and drink)
  • Long dog walks and pub lunches
  • Singing, live music and kitchen discos