Bev Eke

Operations Manager

If there is one person who is going to get the job done, it’s Bev. She ensures the production line runs like clockwork, that the orders get picked and the boxes get packed. Managing two teams on different sites, Bev is the driving force who keeps things moving to maximise our efficiency. As you can imagine, things change daily which may affect our production schedule, but Bev is there, never once taking her foot off the gas, adapting and directing her team to keep them on the straight and narrow.

As with everyone here at Paleo Ridge, Bev loves dogs. The difference is, when Bev sees a dog, she will happily roll around on the floor and talk as though she’s playing with a baby. It’s endearing to see and another reason why we all love Bevvers!

Dog: Buddy the Yorkshire Terrier

Bev Loves:

  • Dogs of all shapes and sizes
  • Reading
  • Peace and quiet
  • The idea of living in the middle of nowhere surrounded by animals