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Paleo Plus-Exceptional Nutrition

05th November 2019

Paleo Plus offers exceptional canine nutrition to keep your dog’s performing at their best.

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Paleo Plus Pork and Apple with added Superfoods

Paleo Plus Raw Dog Food

Paleo Plus is a collection of next generation raw dog food products. The Paleo Plus Raw Dog Food range consists of 8 products, each of which have been carefully formulated with help from leading raw nutrition specialist Dr. Conor Brady.

A tremendous amount of research and nutritional analysis has gone into each and every product in the range and as a base they hit Fediaf nutritional requirements, but every product in the Paleo Plus range goes far beyond this…

The ingredients we use have each been meticulously selected for their nutritional prowess including:

  • A greater range of high-quality, lean meat additions
  • A greater array of organ contents
  • Specifically calculated bone content
  • A variety of nutrient additions known for their nutrient and bioactive potential in dogs

The entire range comes in 500g compostable packaging and includes a support product: Special Diet is specifically for those seeking a low phosphorus or low purine diet. Our Paleo Plus range offers 7 complete meals, 4 of which are single protein meals, along with Berry Good: a superfood supplement.

When feeding Paleo Plus you can be sure that you are feeding not only the most advanced raw nutritional formulas on the market today, you are also protecting the environment by buying a product that comes in compostable packaging, and is delivered in eco-friendly boxes. As to be expected with any Paleo Ridge products, only high welfare ingredients have been used, such as:

  • Grass fed beef
  • Organic Chicken
  • Outdoor Reared Pork

To name a few!

Berry Good: is super-food supplement, with100% ethically sourced wild and natural ingredients. It includes a unique blend of sustainably sourced super-foods, chosen only for their nutritional excellence:

  • Wild Berries
  • Green leafy veg
  • Organic hemp seed
  • Green lipped mussel
  • Seaweed

Berry Good is included in all of the Paleo Plus range. When bought separately, it can be added to any of our Classic and Classic mini range. For those who like to add a superfood boost but want convenience, Berry Good is a must. Read more about Berry Good ingredients

Paleo Plus is unique in its formulation and we’re proud to say it’s the same coarse cut texture that you would expect from Paleo Ridge.

The Best Raw Dog Food - Supercharged

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